Musleh Law Practice Areas

Corporate and Commercial

Musleh Law is experienced in representing both local and international clients in their corporate and commercial activities across different industries and sectors.


Musleh Law has experience in providing legal services for this emerging segments covering the sectors of power generation, renewable energy, oil and gas and other natural resources.

Banking and Finance

Our extensive experience on domestic and international banks related to lending institutions on various specialized banking transactions including but not limited to general lending, finance and securities disputes..


We provide legal advice to the aviation sector in their vital transactions related to the sale and lease of aircrafts thereof, registration and deregistration of aircrafts, and other legal aspects required by the aviation companies .

Intellectual Property

Musleh Law assists its clients in protecting their Intellectual Property Rights; i.e.: trademarks, copyright, patents, and industrial design and competition laws.

Real Estate

Musleh Law offers a wide range of legal services designed to satisfy the needs of the continuously growing real estate sector, besides financing, investment and real estate litigation.

Musleh Law is proud to provide its clients with the latest important legal updates and amendments.

New amendments to the Bar Association Law No. (11) for the year (1972)

A new law under no. (25) For the year (2014) was issued amending the Bar Association Law No. (11) For the year (1972). The new amendment was published in the Official Gazette in the issue No. 5294 dated July 16, 2014. According to Article (43) of the same Law, the following companies and enterprises are obliged to appoint a legal consultant registered in the lawyers' registry with the Jordanian Bar Association:

A new regulation amending the Regulation Regulating the Non-Jordanian Investments No. 54 for the year 2000 has been issued recently.

The new regulation has been published and effective as of 16/7/2014. According to the new regulation, foreign investors cannot own more than 50 % of the capital in a project specialized in buying lands for the purpose of constructing and selling residential apartments or the lease thereof. Before the issuance of this new regulation, foreign investors were free to own 100% of the capital of such project.