New amendments to the Bar Association Law No. (11) for the year (1972)

A new law under no. (25) For the year (2014) was issued amending the Bar Association Law No. (11) For the year (1972). The new amendment was published in the Official Gazette in the issue No. 5294 dated July 16, 2014.
According to Article (43) of the same Law, the following companies and enterprises are obliged to appoint a legal consultant registered in the lawyers’ registry with the Jordanian Bar Association:

  1. Public shareholding companies and its respective branches .
  2. Private shareholding companies.
  3. Limited liability companies with  capital exceeding  twenty thousand Jordanian Dinars
  4. Foreign companies, branches or and affiliates, agencies, regional offices.
  5. Companies or enterprises registered with Developmental areas, free zones, Aqaba Special Economic Zone or Petra development tourism region authority
  6. Exempt companies and non-profit organizations/NGO and agencies.
  7. Any other company or enterprise with  capital exceeding fifty thousand Jordanian Dinars.

For failing to comply with the above obligation, the company will be fined an amount of five Jordanian Dinars per day that laps without appointing a legal consultant.
According to paragraph (2) of Article (43) the above mentioned companies shall contractually appoint an  attorney or legal consultant  and  notify the Jordanian Bar Association with the name of the appointed legal consultant within sixty days from the date of the appointment to avoid fines imposed  by the law.